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Workplace WHS Legislation

In this module, you will: learn and apply your duty of care responsibilities in a variety of contexts, be exposed to & asked to respond to real workplace incidents and protect your colleagues from harm & control real-world hazards and risks.

$ 599.00 + GST

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is any unwanted or unwelcome sexual behaviour, which makes a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated. Sexual Harassment is a type of sex discrimination and is therefore unlawful under the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth).

$ 599.00 + GST

Occupational Health and Safety Office

Business organisations are responsible for health and safety of their employees. Australia is in the process of implementing new work health and safety laws which are designed to harmonise occupational health and safety (OH&S) laws.

$ 599.00 + GST

Manual Handling

Manual handling tasks can exist in a variety of industry and workplaces. As well as manually lifting heavy objects manual handling also extends to many more activities.

$ 599.00 + GST

Equal Employment Opportunity

Ensuring that all current / future employees have the same opportunities is crucial in running a successful business organisation. Discrimination can occur in a variety of ways, including: age discrimination, racial discrimination, sex discrimination, etc

$ 599.00 + GST

Bullying and Harassment Legislation

Everyone has the right not to be bullied or harassed at work. There are national anti-bullying laws and state bodies who can protect workers from workplace bullying.

$ 599.00 + GST

Discrimination in the Workplace

Test your understanding of unlawful discrimination in different situations, better understand direct and indirect discrimination and victimisation in the workplace, and assist your colleagues and personally address discrimination in the workplace.

$ 599.00 + GST

Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

In this module, you will: learn how the use of illicit drugs and/or alcohol in the workplace could easily lead to an employee being in danger or harming themselves or someone else.

$ 599.00 + GST
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