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Category : Leadership

Business Writing

The amount of detail you provide in business writing is an important consideration. On the one hand, you need to provide enough details for your audience to understand your message. On the other hand, providing too much detail can result in lengthy text t

$ 899.00 + GST

Managing Workplace Stress / Anxiety

Work-related stress is best described as the physical, mental and emotional state of workers who perceive they are unable to meet with their work expectations or demands.

$ 599.00 + GST

Managing Risk in the Workplace

Workplace risk can lead to injury and death. The economic impact of work related injury and illness is significant and continues to increase. Hazards can be anything that is potentially harmful to any person.

$ 599.00 + GST

Fostering Teamwork

There are three essential dimensions to fostering a collaborative team work. These include: culture, collaboration and commitment. This course also covers the essential dimensions to fostering teamwork.

$ 599.00 + GST
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